You are...

  • ...starting a business and need to develop branding to accompany your bold marketing strategies.
  • ...going on tour with your band for the first time and you need an admat designed to send to venues. 
  • artist attempting to sell your skills to a new market and you want to reinvent yourself online.

You need a graphic designer who cares about you and your products and seeks to present them in a beautiful way that complements their quality and captures your audience's attention and imagination. 

You need Check One Two.

Hi, I'm Matt. I started doing graphic design about seven years ago to promote my bands and fell in love with designing images that pleased people and made a difference. Since then I have had the incredible opportunity of being exposed to new genres of music, exploring new disciplines, learning about new cultures, and meeting new people through my work that otherwise I may never have experienced.

I look forward to meeting you soon and learning about your business or project!


I was very happy with Matt’s quick production and response pace. I appreciated his enthusiasm about my program and the ease in relating. I greatly appreciated his ideas and his aesthetic. I felt that I could place the vision for the website in his hands and I was very happy with the simple, engaging and easy to navigate design. I was delighted to see him help bring my vision to life! I’m excited to launch the site and look forward to many more job opportunities that may come as a result!
— Elisa
Matt’s creativity, responsiveness, intelligent attention to detail and super-efficient turnaround time are key to excellent work!
— Kiko
I really appreciate his creativity that personifies who I am and how I want to be perceived as an artist. Very affordable and always professional!
— Jen
[Matt] took the time to learn about my business and he really listened to what I wanted to convey with my logo re-design and website. Matt exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
— Gladys
Working in the past with another design firm was a nightmare. You were a dream. What surprised me most was how quickly you picked up on some of the finer points of the technology. I think because you understood the technology AND what we wanted, you were able to deliver quality work for us. Thanks!
— Ishmael
I asked for a design for an...event which I could also carry over for future events and Matt did it! I loved being able to process ideas with Matt, and that he was conscientious about paper waste! I look forward to future designs together!
— Inshik