New Year's Update

...and a happy New Year!

Here they are playing a duet on the synthesnoozer.

Here they are playing a duet on the synthesnoozer.

We've finished the leftovers and are recovering from our food comas as a wonderful holiday season comes to a close. After a trip back to Ithaca to see friends and family, I'm back to work at home in Minnesooota.

But now I have help! My housemate, Casey, and I just adopted two of the cutest, friendliest, cuddlyest (cuddliest?) kittens. Fred and Maceo spend their days napping in my lap, walking around my desk, knocking things over, pressing unwanted keys, and providing me with two more pairs of critical eyes to help me do better design.


I recently launched a store on my website to sell my latest 2018 calendar, Ithaca travel posters (in a few sizes), and I'll be putting some postcard versions of both up soon! Check 'em out!

Job of the Month: Xamalian

It's always a pleasure working with friends and no less so than with my buddy Max Shuhan, an absolutely incredible pianist, songwriter, and producer. I was excited he asked for my help in developing his visual brand. We ended up designing a sticker, building a website, and designing a sweet hat together over coffees in Ithaca and I always look forward to our phone calls to sort out details and catch up. Check out his music at He's also got two gigs coming up in Ithaca!

Hit me up!

The spring holds many exciting projects including new can labels for Supreme Core Cider, wrapping up many websites for friends new and old, and hopefully exciting progress for the Dimensional Energy team (of which I am now a regular member) as we pursue the $20 million Carbon XPRIZE.

I hope you (and I) have great success and fulfillment in the new year and may all your wildest dreams come true.

Viva la Funk!