Thank you so much for your business and for taking the time to give me a little feedback on how I did.

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I was satisfied with the final design(s) and/or deliverable(s) that Matt created.
Matt was responsive to my needs from a functional standpoint.
Matt was responsive to my desires from a creative standpoint.
I am excited to show the world my new design!
A timetable was clearly established and agreed upon at the beginning of the project.
Everything was delivered on time.
An estimate was provided at the beginning of the project including number of hours and an agreed upon hourly rate for Matt's work (typically $50/hour).
The overall cost did not end up exceeding my expectations or catching me by surprise.
The final design(s) and/or deliverable(s) are worth what I paid for them.
Matt responded to my emails, phone calls, text messages, or other correspondence promptly.
All of my communication with Matt was polite and easy to understand.
Would you consider using Matt/Check One Two for your future graphic design needs?
Would you recommend Matt/Check One Two to a friend or another business?